James Lick Track Uniforms

This is a short blog to make any readers aware of our current goal as we look ahead towards Track 2017. At this year’s Pre-season Track meeting, 75 athletes showed up. Our track membership has grown from 20 in 2014, to 50 in 2016, and as the program becomes more successful, more and more athletes are joining the team. Last season we barely had enough uniforms for everyone, and that was only possible through a whole lot of mismatching.

As relay teams are required to match, at many meets we had to have athletes trade uniforms as we had no more than 16 of the same uniform type across the team. Ideally, I would like to order a brand new set of uniforms for Track that cater toward step whole team. While we had enough uniforms last year, all of our uniforms are distance uniforms, and are not ideal for sprint and throws events.

If we can reach our uniform fundraising goal, we can order enough uniforms for every member of our team to be properly outfitted going forward. My goal is to purchase as close to 100 new uniforms as we can afford. I have started a ‘go fund me ‘ campaign to try to raise the money, as the school is unable to purchase us these uniforms as things now stand.

If you would like to make a contribution to the team, you can do so below  at the Go Find Me Link.

Your donation will go along way towards helping us reach our goal.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Benny Reeves